About Bitwin

Malaysia Bitwin P2P Platform was officially established in June 2017, under the leadership of Miss Veron. The establishment of this platform was due to misleading information in the market that created lot invalid transactions in the market. Many users were not educated in trading cryptocurrency. Bitwin was born with live customer service to answer clientele questions at all time.

Bitwin offers :
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Real Time Customer Service

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Operation Manuals

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P2P Trading Manual

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Other Activities In Cryptocurrency

Our aim is to provide a secure platform for users to trade.


  1. As a user of Bitwin, you are being protected 100% from scams, cheats and any bad situations that will occurred during transactions.
  2. All users are being screened before allowing to be part of the community.
  3. All transactions are two-step authentication required.
  4. Just follow the instructions as shown.
  5. Our strengths are to provide multiple FIAT currencies availability. Such as:

  1. Bitwin operates in:
  1. Please feel free to enquire within. Thank you.

Bitwin provide precious metal sales services in the following countries :

We charge based on the market price and quality assurance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would provide our professional financial services within these countries :

Please do not hesitate to contact us about the related services.

Mr Edmund

Among the founders, Mr Edmund is a senior research fellow in the finance industry. He has outstanding achievements throughout the years. Currently, he is the CEO of AMC International and a consultant advisor for WCBA Market Blockchain.

Miss Veron

Around 2016, Miss Veron starts participating in peer-to-peer transactions. However, she encountered a few bad trades which happened on her friends too. Hence, she decided to build a platform and it is finally ready in 2018.

Prof. Dr Eric Ong

Introducing Professor Dr Eric Ong which is also a Blockchain expertise. Currently Professor is the Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Chain. He is also the author of Bitcoin Insight and Bitcoin Shadow Banking. Since 2014, Professor has been actively …

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